Monday, May 19, 2014

A few upper-Upper Alpine Photos

A good group of troopers walked  along the western side of Agua Ramon hill for a couple of miles.  Some carry-on refreshments and stories got us in the mood to go back down. MayeBelle was in the lead.  Wayne picked out this spot and, we hope, he'll be here next Monday for another fine stroll.  (If not, we'll find a wonderful place).
Tomorrow (Tuesday) we'll have a similar hike to a creek unknown to most of us.  I got some advice and alternatives from Ronnie Day of the Forest Service.  We'll get to know some close-in but little known land to the South of the River Grande.  We meet by 9 a.m. at the South Fork Visitor Center.  I hope to see you there--I don't think it will be "really a tough hike."
On Thursday, Dennis has plans for a wide circling of Million Pond.  If you haven't seen that place recently, it's worth a look at what time and people can do to heal after a dramatic fire (2002).  We'll have a new couple with us on Thursday--maybe with gold-panning equipment
--Doug Knudson
It was mostly up the road, but only one way.


Big group--18 I think


Great view


Piñon starting the nuts for fall


more views


leaving the  luncheonette


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