Thursday, August 8, 2013

Crystal lakes hike

Seven of us started a hike about 2 miles NW of Crystal lakes, then we made a wide loop all around the area looking (and finding) mushrooms.  We went as far E as the foot of Hogback Mesa, then S to the lake and back to the vehicles.  Around 7 to 8 miles total I would guess............
We found a lot of good King Boletes, one patch of chanterelles, a few hawk wings and gobs of little puffballs.  We had a couple of rookie hunters but they caught on very quickly and helped find the fungi..............on the way back to town we did a good deed for the day and drug a big rock out of the road.
There is a mushroom foray tomorrow and Saturday at 830AM at the Visitor Center, it would be a good opportunity to find out what all of those LBM's (Little Brown Mushrooms) really are!!
Wayne will be leading a good hike Monday, Doug is heading for the high country Tuesday and I will probable lead a group over to the top of Fox mountain (the easy way) and check for fungi along the way.
All hikes meet at the VCPl at 9AM...................

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