Tuesday, August 20, 2013

CDT at Spring Creek Pass

Fifteen showed up for a high altitude hike on Tuesday.  They included a couple of hikers from an Arkansas hiking club.  All made it up to the alpine tundra of Snow Mesa.  Time caught up with us, sending us back down the trail and on to Fremon's ice cream.
Thanks for the good sportsmanship and safety of these hikers.  You make things pleasant when you comment on the splendor and beauty of hikes such as these.
We decided this group can make it up San Luiz Peak (14,014').  The South Fork folks will leave the Visitor Center at 5 a.m. the Creede guys will meet us near the underground museum just N of Creede, leading us up past the Equity Mine to a parking space on the end of a rough road.
The early start will allow for getting up and down the peak, avoiding afternoon rains.  Nevertheless, bring a poncho or other compact rain gear.  Don't bring metal poles--use wooden ones if possible. 
Wayne Moulds will lead this hike. His phone--620-433-1390.
Unfortunately, I was reminded when I got home that I have to be in Santa Fe that week, at a  planning meeting on the Old Spanish Trail.
--Doug Knudson
15 who went up the CDT to near Baldy Cinco at Spring Cr. Pass


CDT E  bug-kill front; burn center CDT 




Conie with winter food going to storage. (We were obviously in his way.)


CDT offers views of big high country on all sides.


Hiking the high country on Snow Mesa.


Moulds ready to move down


Landscape and Highway 149 from CDT, looking South


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