Tuesday, August 6, 2013

CDT S of Elwood Pass

Today--Tuesday--we guessed right on the rain, got hail only while returning in the cars, saw the vast open high country near Elwood Pass, and enjoyed the dominant green plus many small flowers--and a few deer.  An able, agile crew seemed to enjoy the 4.5 miles of  lovely views on the King of Trails.
Thursday--Dennis has had good luck with mushrooms; he's choosing places that will probably involve carrying a few bags.
Next Monday--Phoenix Park; Creede hikers will meet us at the parking lot across from the mining museum/firetruck tunnel at about 9:25-9:30.
Next Tuesday, we hope to hike another portion of the Continental Divide Trail--Southerly from Wolf Creek Pass--on and beyond Alberta Peak (as the weather permits).
--Doug Knudson
Nature's monument on the CDT (Mary's on her Mount)


Alpine forget-me-nots


Mary's Mount--she climbed both summits--she hope to hit 14ers next summer


Mary Toussaint on CDT' "lightning peak"


Mary's Mount


CDT--we avoided the hail storm


Krummholz on CDT @ about 12,000'


Queen's Crown


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