Monday, May 15, 2017

Palisades morning hike

9 of us took  quick walk up above the first tier of palisades near the Rio Grande and Highway 149.  We walked about 1.75 miles or so, then down to the highway.  It seems we were in a hurry (social obligations) and we went a little too high to play our normal view games on the top of the cliffs.  We got to meet Hilary, newly arrived in town and looking for shelter and work here in South Fork.  She's a good hiker, too.  

Next Monday and Wednesday, we'll have two hikes, one of them (Wed) with several cultural events. 
    Next Wednesday we honor the request of several to drive, walk, and enjoy some culture in the interesting community of Crestone. 
We expect to drive to Crestone, hike a while on their beautiful, dramatic trail, then see some of the features of that interesting town and surroundings.  Some will want to indulge in the interesting lunches that are available.  Others may prefer to eat what they bring in their lunch bags.  A few may want to visit the grocery store.  
The close-up Sangre de Cristo Mountain scenery is breath-taking as we approach the village. Most people who live here call it a unique, treasured place.  It was considered very special by the Ute people and their predecessors.  Various religious groups keep this alive today.  Many report that their time here changed their lives.  Religious people from the Far East have recognized the special character of the place and have several institutions.  Likewise, Colorado College of Colo. Springs has a field campus here, as does a Catholic nunnery.
This will be a long day trip, so come prepared. We can still carpool.  Individuals may prefer to drive their own cars for post-shopping, etc.  We'll leave the South Fork Visitor Center at 9 a.m. (or earlier if you request it).  

Nine of us hiked up the slope

Jan scoping out the route

Walking among the grasses

Rio Grande

The same river, flowing as it should.

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