Monday, May 8, 2017

Boulder Field Hike

On a frosty morning, we altered our destination to avoid icy cliff tops.  Nevertheless, a couple of hikers got up on some boulders in the Boulder Field.  We kept walking at the end of it, going up a cattle drive path on the back side (South) of Beaver Mountain.  The chilly morning turned into a warming sunny day.  We'll get back to the planned hike next week, providing it doesn't snow or turn into ice.

In case you missed it, we're now hiking on Monday and Wednesday, departing the Visitor Center at 9 a.m.  Adults and older teens are welcome, without pets.  Short term
visitors are welcome (no charge).  Boots, a jacket, and a little water and snacks are recommended--we're not hiking smooth trails all the time.  Monday hikes usually aim  at 5 miles round trip.  Wednesday hikes are shorter or longer (the leader is old and operates without modern gadgets  — we aim for scenic destinations and adjust to suggestions by the hikers as we go). 
Doug Knudson

The start above Million Pond by 14 or 15 

Our Forest Service buddy returns!

That's not a climbing ant ...

it's Tim atop the big boulder

And this lady (Sherry) found another, with a booster

And Tim strode over another.

Mountain Holly or Oregon Grape (Mahonia repens)

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