Tuesday, May 23, 2017

our Monday Hike

Nice trip today.  
Beautiful pictures by Sherry, again.  Thank you, m'am!

Next hike Wednesday will get us on the recently completed (after several years and some more to go) Del Norte Trail System.  A well-informed English guide will keep us on the right track.  Meet before 9 a.m. departure from the South Fork Visitor Center.  

We enjoy the company of a couple of relatively new hikers.  If you find more, we'll welcome them.  This hike is hilly so wear boots and maybe a rain-coat.  No bears on this trail, as far as we know.
—Doug Knudson  719-873-5239

We walked on the East side of the Agua Ramon ridge.  The cloud sits on the Agua Ramon rough rough road

Clearly, this trail "belongs" to some young bear. Our hikers were a little late for shaking hands.

Aspens can be majestic

The wisdom group found a long lunch chair

This leaning tree has intrigued us for several years.  When? is the question

A feathered friend left evidence--turkey evidence, we think

The Creek by the parking lot with a rock face watching us.

Beautiful country on a wide road made easy hiking

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