Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Sun and Snow—Away we go

Hikers with big feet devices hiked for over 2 hours in beautiful snow.  We started with calm (no wind) at the start, then got a little breeze now and then.  It turned to almost sunny until our turn-around point.  Going down, the track was laid, the strides were longer, the breathing was inaudible.
Some of you will recognize this as "Myrna's Summer Hike" (part way).   We looked for moose. We saw a half-dozen deer.  We drove home in fairly gentle snow, which got kind of windblown at the Visitor Center.
This hike showed the mental mettle of these folks from the beginning:  When we met at the center of town, the wind and snow were blowing vigorously and creating some doubts, but no turn-backs.  We were fortunate to be on the north side of the storm, relaxed, but breathing.  You never know, but we had done a little field testing.

We welcome new or older hikers every Monday morning.  We depart the Visitor Center in the middle of South Fork at 10 a.m. and usually spend 2+ hours mushing.
Join us next Monday for more fun.
—Doug Knudson

Ready, set, wait a second

Uphill on a snowy road

These folks line up quite precisely

Our stopping point

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