Tuesday, January 31, 2017

10 hike iPhotos

The BLM and Del Norte people built a new trail last year.  Six of us took a cool day stroll on it.  It is gentle, interesting, covered with piñon pine, juniper, shrubs, diverse cacti (we'll see them in bloom in late may or early June) and great views of the San Luis Valley with its jagged "fence" on the eastern side of the valley (Sangre de Cristos). (We'd have no valley without the mountain rims.)
This gentle zig-zag trail was expertly designed and full of scenery.  Rock outcrops and copses of little trees give it a lot of variety. Next spring/summer, we'll get to the top of the ridge and see where that takes us.
Meanwhile, we can remember that this was Ute territory for  thousands of years. Their predecessors were here (and left signs) before the Utes (or were they?)  Maybe I can get a Ute to accompany us next May or June.

COMING UP:  Is this snow going to continue to melt?  If so, bring hiking bootssnowshoes on Monday at 10 a.m. at the Visitor Center.  If the snow gets colder and stays around, bring snowshoes.  I'm juggling several options for us.
— Doug Knudson.  Bring a friend!

Gentle incline

Tree huggers?

We stayed out of the gullies but enjoyed watching their course.  

Looks good from here

Looking at Dog Mountain

Flat valley/Big stone fence

Where's my lunch?

Across our wide valley

Shelter--sort of

Recognize anything?

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