Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Brave hikers at -5 degrees

Wrapped up, ready to hike, December 19, 2016, with clear, cool breezes on Sunday's little snow


Big Rocks--the Rio Grande NF beside the State Coller Wildlife area

The tough hikers

An elk bed--really.  We followed trails made by elk and deer.

Bob among elk tracks

DelNorte Peak from Coller

This hike has variations

Into the wind

The palisade puzzle—I couldn't keep my eyes off of this big rock display.  We live among great beauty.

Thanks to the 7 hikers with the fortitude to venture into a sunny but windy and chilly day.  We spent almost 120 minutes wandering in the shallow snow.  We wandered into places along the bottom of the bluffs, saw many tracks of big animals going to and from the river.  I think Bob may be here next fall, if he can draw the location.  

Weather man sez--another snow next weekend.  Perhaps it will be more snowy than this week's volume.  If so, we'll take snowshoes.
I'll try to be waiting at the visitor center before 10 a.m.  Immediately afterward, I'll jump in the car with Judy for a week or so in a new environment (for us).  I'll hope that our ski team will lead a hike after that.  

— Doug Knudson
 Merry and Significant Christmas.
May God bless you in the year 2017.
It's good to see so many of you hiking--Good health to all.

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