Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Hiking schedule

Attention: Silverthreaders and other friends

With the arrival of expected snow in spring (again), we announce our progress in hiking. Effective May 16, 2016.
We are open for all comers who will leave their pet mechanical toys and dogs at home.

We will have two hikes each week for adults. On average, the hikes require about 5 miles. We have at least 75 routes nearby.

1. Mondays. Leaving the Visitor Center 9 a.m. Usually back before 2 p.m. Bring a light lunch, water, rain jacket.

2. Wednesdays. Leave Visitor Center 9 a.m. We may drive to points in close or far off (e.g. Dunes, Platoro).
We will have some physical improvement for those who want to conquer some peaks later in the summer. We'll announce longer
or shorter hikes.

3. Additionally: Enough people have responded to desire to climb a few small, medium, and high peaks this summer. I look forward to carry out that goal after my 80th birthday in June. We will use the MW schedule for building gradually our huff-puff equipment. The peak climbers are not last-minute hikers. Your regular and frequent training participation is important. Please do not show up a week before and ask to participate. I do not want to carry anyone out. I'd rather be the last person on the peak because I have the excuse of old age.

4. Thursday or Fridays: If you're young, Dennis Shepherd will lead kids' hikes, starting at the parking lot of the Chapel of the South Fork. Parents and grandparents often accompany the kids--it is fun and revealing. I think these may begin at 9.

Hikers really get in touch with nature, not remote from it.
Hikers tear up less of the resources.
Hikers take time to see things.
Hikers can even sniff the flowers, take pictures, and enjoy the quiet or the rain.

Those who hike regularly usually have long lives, mostly healthy fat, good health, deep breathing, nice smiles.

Your hike leaders: Wayne and Linda Moulds, Dennis Shepherd, Douglas Knudson plus back-up helpers, ad hoc.

Charge: None. This is a totally volunteer operation and we request your collaboration in understanding that the
leaders are not responsible for your actions or missteps or safety. They may advise you (or not) of difficult situations. They may advise you to take cover, to carry more or less, to act in a safe manner, etc.
We do hike in rugged terrain, not in guarded or city parks. Sometimes we are off-trail. Here, in the Rocky Mountains, we usually must go up and down hills, sometimes steeply. The Rockies are quite rocky; the creeks are usually wet;
We do ask that you stay with the group and inform the hike leader(s) if you turn back or leave the group, so we don't have to worry about your whereabouts.

Therefore, we ask you to sign an affidavit form recognizing that you take responsibility for your own safety.
Happy Trails to you all!
Contact: Knudson 719-873-5239
Urgent messages: SF Visitor Center 873-5512

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