Monday, May 16, 2016

10 Sunny/Cloudy Photos

Our clouds on Monday redirected our directors to shelter.   The 5 hikers who showed up came up with a special dry hike close to home.  We saw the S side of Sentinel Mountain, some of it seen by Ute people long ago (Culturally Modified Trees gave them away).  After we got back to the cars after 2.5 hours, we each felt 5 drops of rain. 

We saw the S side of Sentinel Mountain, some of it previously seen by Ute people long ago. (Two ancient Culturally Modified Trees were proof).  We also glimpsed a few pastures and homes along lower Trout Creek (from above).  It seems that every time I go on these slope, I see new things and find good deer trails to follow.  It is a remarkable mountain with a history and pre-history of special interest, "right here in River City."  

The flowers are beginning to bloom, but not yet in abundance.  The purple pasque flowers are the showiest, just about ready to open up, probably this week.  Join us next Monday at 9 a.m. and get better acquainted with your surroundings.  We see wonderful things in  wonderful places.

Five hiked, onward and upward, then overlooked the valley of Trout Creek, then on to other sights and then swinging northward and eastward.

NE side of Rock

SW side of rock

S.Fork of RG--full!

Valley of Trout Cr.

P. flexilis

Pinus ponderosa

Nature modified tree

Flowers are coming!

A Culturally Modified Tree  (with another tree in the way)

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