Tuesday, May 10, 2016

An other-worldly hike

Thanks to the 8 who accompanied me to the rim of these special mountains.  The red cactus blooms were the seasonal feature and will continue for those who want even more of the colorful blossoms in the next few weeks.  Mountain-tops and valleys surrounded us; we'll be climbing several of them this summer.
We will have 2 more weeks of Monday-only hikes.  Wayne has a nice forest road hike for next week (lower if it snows).

Show up before our 9 a.m. car-pooling and departure at the South Fork Visitor Center.  Bring water, a snack, and maybe a rain-coat. As you can see, we find picturesque terrain and plants, plus our handsome hikers, so a camera can record your special adventures in places where few people go.  

We enjoyed getting to know Ed Simpson who is a remarkable hiker.  
Happy Trails to all!    Doug Knudson

One target

walk in uniqueness


Flowers galore

Claret cactus in half-bloom    Next week, this should be a carpet of red

Piñon old cone and new ones on the way

Cliff and the Rio Grand Valley at Del Norte

2 guys on top



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