Monday, August 11, 2014

Yurt-Alberta Lake hike 8-11-14

Wayne led 24 of us up an old logging road for a mile to the Pass Creek yurt, then another mile to an overlook (some ate lunch here) and then another half mile to Alberta Lake following the Back Country Skiers marked trail.  About 1/4 mile past the overlook we spooked a bear, light brown with darker markings.  There is scads of bear sign in the area, it must be very busy finding food for its' long winters sleep........

We had lunch at the lake and headed back up the hill and to the yurt.  At the yurt we started getting sprinkled on and some small hail, just enough to get the raingear out and put it on.

This was a nice enjoyable hike, not too hard but with lots of scenery and strawberries all over the place!  On the road back we spotted a fawn that still had its spots and a family of grouse.

Doug is leading a hike tomorrow around Elwood pass and I am leading a hike Thursday to Fox mtn (and look for mushrooms too) making a loop.




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