Thursday, August 14, 2014

Fox mtn hike and more 8-14-14

We started out for Fox mtn and mushrooms (PLAN A), started to sprinkle on us when we reached Park Cr. road, kept sprinkling until we reached the end of Fox mtn road.  We put on our raingear (usually we don't do this) and started out looking for the mushrooms.  Still sprinkling.  Searched places we have found chanterelles in past years and no mushrooms.  Still sprinkling.  We another 1/4 mile and no sign of mushrooms. Still sprinkling, clouds down on the ground.

Consulted with the group, decided on PLAN B;  go eat hamburgers & fries at Platoro.  PLAN B implemented with savory results, saw mule deer, grouse, more mule deer and marmots (no mushrooms) and made a loop so that new territory could be seen by the group.  Made a side trip to Lily Pond, saw why it is called that. Went past Jasper and saw several new cabins built in the last few years.

Went over Blowout Pass, past Fuchs reservoir, the chickenfoot and headed for home. A bit over 100 miles, lots of bumps in a 3/4 ton truck with stiff suspension; no complaints though, it must have been better than walking...........

I may try Fox again next week, I think Poage is probably hunted out by now, as popular as it has become.  Marty may try it tomorrow and I will check with him.




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