Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Bennett Peak Hike

Five of us rode to the base of the gentle mountain called Bennett Peak, then walked but 2.3 miles to the top.


Flowers are still abundant above timberline.  This is the most dramatic--possibly frosty ball or alpine thistle.


Close-up of above.


Part-way to the top--it's closer than you think but good for puffing exercise for longer than some prefer.


The decline of the alpine sunflower in its waning days.


Alpine paintbrush is still thriving.


Near the top, we observed a drop


a variation on the alpine paintbrush


The "trail"  down is overused by motorized vehicles. Even they are beginning "informal" new trails.  Not a good place
for sustainable use by motorized do-dads.


One bad ATV road isn't enough for these guys.  It seems that some administrative action would be appropriate.  And we hikers don't mean asphalt.


Future-- Thursday hike with Dennis.  Any chance it will be a mushroom hunt?
Next Tuesday--a not-so-tough hike (about 5 miles or so)
Thinking ahead--several have indicated an urge to visit Wheeler Geological Area--some with ATV's to the location (14 miles); others prefer hiking, maybe even backpacking for an overnight.  Probably late August or early September.    Your opinions are welcome 873-5239.
   --Doug Knudson

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