Monday, July 21, 2014

Middle Frisco Cr. hike 7-21-14

Wayne led 25 hikers up the Middle Frisco Cr. trail, a trail that is great for scenery and plant life.  Barbara saw some Boletes mushrooms and I found a new (to me) variety of mushroom; an Apricot Jelly mushroom.  My reference book classifies it as edible raw or cooked.  It didn't taste like apricot so it must derive its name from its color, similar to apricots.


We got sprinkled on about a mile from the vehicles, just enough to get out the raingear. 


The Thursday hike will be a mushrooming hike, will go up the Alder Cr. drainage and look for the earlier varieties ( boletes, puffballs & hawkwings), so bring a sack.





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