Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Colorful Del Norte Peak

Lots of people missed one of the most beautiful days ever to the top of Del Norte Peak.  The welcoming committee of 40+ elk took several looks and cleared the top of the hill for the four of us.  The flowers are in full bloom--many more than I could send you.  The display will be there for several more weeks, but the alpine sunflowers will wither soon.
Alpine sunflower


•Western Wallflower


Colorful top of Del Norte Peak


Chiming Bells  DNPk


E. from top of DNPk


Alpine cushion phlox


View from the Peak W/SW to Willow Park


Barbara brings a bone to her pile at home


Another pretty pink flower


If you go on your own, take along a flower book.  The floral variety is terrific and the vistas are awe-inspiring. 
Next Tuesday my granddaughters arrive in Denver for a short stay in South Fork. Wayne Moulds will probably lead the hike, perhaps nearby to Hogback Mesa.  That's a lovely, gently sloped formation, just south of Del Norte Peak.  It's a different and interesting experience. 
Would it help if we changed the name of these Tuesday hikes to "intermediate?"  or "slightly higher"?  It seems that "easy hike" attracts big numbers (at least 20 last Monday).  If the words scare you--or the phony gossip that I hike too fast--try us.  We try to adapt to our participants, even while offering a little more challenge. But we aren't trying to stress you out--just stretch a bit to make you fit and healthy.
--Doug Knudson  719-873-5239

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