Monday, April 7, 2014

Penitente Canyon Photos

Fourteen hikers got a Spring close-up of Penitente Canyon and several of its trails.  We also went to St. Juan's church at La Garita to admire the excellent work done by the Archuleta family. 
Several of our people also got to see two bald eagles flying near the Penitente area.
Join us next Monday for a close-up walk along the Rio Grande. We'll leave the S.F. Visitor Center at 10 a.m.  We'll watch for dippers, eagles, and ducks, along with migrants headed North.  On Sunday a flock of colorful ducks was enjoying the chilly water.  This is a good hike for anyone; individual turn-around opportunities are numerous and safe.
We won't be walking on or in water.
--Doug Knudson
14 Penitente Canyon hikers


Penitente walls


Rock-bound Penitente 


Wayne on the rocks


Hard breathing?


Down into the Penitente Canyon, Sangres on horizon


Remaining Rectory Wall


San Juan chapel


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