Monday, April 21, 2014

5 moon Photos

For those who didn't wake up early last week, here are some pictures of the moon and some with a planet and a star, taken at the time of the eclipse.  I enjoyed the bouncing out of bed five times during the night.  I'm pleased with the camera's ability to make a pretty sharp image with exposures of one or two seconds, even in the hand-held way I used.  I'm glad we live in a dark place, with only a few lights to dodge.  I hope we'll adopt a dark skies policy for our town and the area around it.
--Doug Knudson
Apr 14. 2014   10 p.m. full moon


1:15 a.m. Apr 15, '14


Half-through eclipse  Moon/Spica  Apr 15 14


Moon, blue Spica and Mars  2:15 a.m.  (hand-shaken)


reemerging moon, Spica, and Mars 4-15-14


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