Monday, September 19, 2016

no pics--camera is limping until I get to Pueblo on Saturday.

What a lovely and quick hike on Wednesday!
Four folks from Creede joined seven from South Fork for the quick hour to Mosca and its Pass, with a stop at the Dunes NP visitor center.

We ascended the Mosca Creek Canyon, which Pike ascended from the Wet Mountain Valley and descended in a January snowstorm in 1807. (He spent more time on the Sangres and in the San Luis valley than he did admiring the peak which acquired his name.) We encountered no snow but enjoyed brisk breezes that kept us climbing quickly in comfort.

This canyon trail was used by other early traders and probably some Ute groups. In the 1830s and 40s Antoine Robidoux often traveled here, taking/sending beaver skins to the East, supplying his family's business in St Joseph, Missouri, then loading up on supplies from Bent's Old Fort and going back over Mosca Pass, North and West up Saguache Creek and westward to his trading post, Fort Uncompahgre, (now expertly restored in Delta Colorado).

Following this trail in early September revealed many different flowers in bloom, a variety of trees, changing as we climbed up and down, some spectacular rock formations, steep hillsides, and about a dozen other hikers plus two friendly dogs on this cool day.

On Friday morning, Dennis Shepherd will take four (maybe six) people people on a multi transport trip:
Drive, ride a put-putt: Hike to Fremont's Christmas camp (or another nearby camp) in 1849 (I think).
If you wish to go, call Dennis tonight or show up with hope at the visitor center before 9 a.m. This is a lovely and diverse fun trip high in the mountains, well worth the efforts.

— Doug Knudson

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