Thursday, September 22, 2016

6 hike Photos--lower Sentinel Mountain--right here at home

We were only seven, but the rain didn't drop, the temperature was cool, and the ups and downs on the lower East side of our town's favorite hill weren't precarious on this Wednesday morning.  We're still striding along and welcome others to join us (free).  Thanks to Judy for coffee and crackers on her deck after the hike.

—Doug Knudson   

Dennis offers another beautiful high country hike on Friday.  You'll stroll down the Continental Divide for about 2+ miles, then wait on the road until the cars come your way. The scenery is splendid and the colors are coming.  Get to the Visitor Center before 9 a.m. on Friday and join the group.
On Monday, we'll have our annual visit to the beauty all around Platoro.  This looks like a prime-time color show.  Then, there's the chance for a hot lunch in the metropolous of Silver/Gold.  Bring a little cash.  We will have two short hikes (usually quite short) plus camera stops that will make your friends admire your artistic skills.  Even your less than vigorous strollers will enjoy this trip, if they can take a bump or two in the rocky road.  4-wheel-drive recommended--or ride with someone who has one.  9 a.m. again for great high country scenery.

Autumn's on its way

Good hikers every one

Colorful crusty rocks

Gold and Green

Aged Ponderosa

Gold across the valley:  that's our future color attraction,
maybe bringing front-rangers a peep or two at real beauty.

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