Monday, May 4, 2015

Welcome to May 4 Hike

We started at 9, right here in town, climbed up to the ridge, and along the rising ridge. We ate at the edge of the '02 fire. Then we descended to Church Creek, crossed it twice, and strode enthusiastically to the red transportation.  Thanks for the enthusiasm and common sense.  It seems that 7 of the 8 had never been on this deer/elk trail route.  Welcome back to Bonnie.
We saw tiny flowers starting the spring. This big hill is the home of 3 species of pines, douglas-fir, a few scattered blue spruces and aspen. We saw and followed many deer trails and startled one big elk.  We missed the 3 p.m. rainfall.
Next Monday—9 a.m.  We're planning a beautiful, pleasant trail walk (just for contrast).
The Moulds will be back with us;  The last two Mondays of May, Judy and I will be at our granddaughter's U of Md. graduation events (whew!). —Doug Knudson
One of the 8--the starter


6 of the 8--the finishers


Dennis on the ridge


SF looking NW


2002 fire to top of the ridge


Comfortable lunch rock


NE end Beaver Mtn.-recovering


At the edge of the fire


2002-2015 fire recovery?


the ride home


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