Monday, May 11, 2015

From the golf course to the sculptured rock-May 11 hike

On Monday morning, after all the Sunday snow, 9 hikers walked along Alder Creek.  We took due note of the alder bushes/trees, the big twisted Douglas-fir, and the meanders of the creek.
Next hike:  Next Monday with Linda and Wayne Moulds at 9 a.m. at the South Fork Visitor Center.
Alder Creek does wander here and there.


The ultimate "easy" hike.


Alder Creek at the golf course.


The "Kern Thumb" depicted by Stuart Bryan in his "Fremont's Fourth ..." book, p 105. This is about 1/4 mile above the
Forest Service Guard Station--a special place close to home and seldom visited.  No vandalism, please!

This formation is above the confluence of West, East, and Middle Alder Creeks.  Fremont took the gentle-looking but

suddenly narrow canyon up to near the location of Hansen's Mill.

A precarious slot in the same rock formation, looking Westward


Looking South at Beaver Mountain


It's a fast elevator down to West Alder Creek


Alder Creek–colorful willows and still-brown alders

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