Sunday, March 29, 2015

Odom departure party

Wayne and Carolyn Odom have started to move their primary residence to area of Dallas, TX (and near their grandchildren and children).

Many of us have enjoyed and admired these people who have graced our community for 23 years.
I hope he will be hiking with some or all of us on Monday at 10 a.m. I've asked him to choose a favorite place for a 2-hour stroll.

On Saturday, April 4, a Community get-together with potluck food will be started at 6 p.m. at the community hall of the Chapel of the South Fork. All of the Odom's friends and neighbors are welcome. The kitchen has limited heating and 2 refrigerators, as well as a couple of big coffee makers.

Any move reveals the need for decisions about "things," so you may wish to bring some small written message, remembrance, or financial gift for the Odoms. More important, however, would be your presence and expression of good wishes.

As you know, Wayne was active in several organizations here, including Kiwanis Club, Silverthreaders, Chapel of the South Fork choir, Gray Wolf Ski Club (yes, he was skiing last week), and who knows how many other groups. He often has helped the ill and broken, the hungry and poor, those in spiritual need, and just plain kindness. He also is an avid fisherman. Carolyn reads avidly and always has a kind smile for friends and strangers alike.

We invite you to express your appreciation for these people who have enriched South Fork in many ways, making it a pleasant, kindly, decent place to live.

-- Doug and Judy Knudson

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