Monday, November 18, 2013

Walking on the palisades

Just shy of a dozen eased up to the tops of the lower palisades along the county line (Mineral/Rio Grande). We saw a mix of trees somehow growing on, in, and just above what appear to be solid rocks--three species of pine, one of juniper, aspen, and Douglas-fir (the "not-a-fir nor a hemlock" tree). Rocks displayed look-alike Easter Islander, robed priests, a squirrel, helmeted men/women, a scaly giant, and two human-sized climbers in jeans.
Beautiful place--often seen only at a distance. It's worth a walk (we did it at 2.7 miles)
Next hike or snowshoeing:  next Monday at 10 a.m.
Nearly a dozen.


Somehow anchored in--for decades


trees and rocks


See anything here?


Tim & Wayne top out


Cliff-top view


See those big scales?


Now this feature looks like …


looking back at where we were


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