Thursday, October 31, 2013

Snowshoeing on Halloween

We had a wonderful day for our first snowshoe outing of the season; Wolf Creek had received 38" inches so far this season and 7 inches in the last 2 days.  So we had some nice powder to walk in and a pretty good base beneath it so it looks like a good season for getting out and enjoying the snow..
We had two first-timers, Tim and Ashley, and it sounds like they will both be back for more fun on the snow.  I made the mistake of asking Tim to break trail back to the trucks and he laid a good track for him and Ashley but us older folks try to avoid the steeper slopes.  Oh well, its great to be around the younger generation..............and their higher energy level.
I will head for Kansas for about a month and then Florida next Saturday so I know you will be in the good hands of Wayne and Doug.  I will be back for sure in February and in January subject to the K-State Cats bowl placement.....
Happy hiking and smooth shoeing.............

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