Friday, June 2, 2017

Hike Photos Monday May 29

On Veterans' Day, a bunch of hikers took to the forest for a walk that makes us thankful that this nation offers great beauty and variety.  People from at least 6 states could stroll through the Rio Grande National Forest and rest for snacks on a beautiful ridge with views in many directions.  We are blessed in and near South Fork for many views in many directions.  We're blessed that we can enjoy these places without too many worries about our survival, here far from the cities and (we hope) from those who would like to kill
people they don't even know.

This hike on an old logging road apparently has no name but it's a jewel.  Thanks to Wayne for finding it.  

On Wednesday we'll have a somewhat easy/occasionally briefly steep, not as long and right behind our house.  It is a popular tour through a much older timber harvesting area.  
It is a 100+ year regrowth forest  which has some signs of logging railroad timbers and South Fork construction materials.  One or more of us who have used this daily have encountered elk (some winters), lots of deer, bears, coyotes, even an occasional cougar, and many flowers and different trees and birds.  We won't be going up 2,000 ft. but will see the base of Sentinel Mountain.  
There's a reward:  I've heard a few people approve of serving a little ice cream at our house after the hike. Hikers are welcome at 89 Fir Drive (in Ponderosa area).  If you don't like ice cream, that's OK.  Judy and I will finish it off before leaving you for almost 3 weeks as we visit our two kids and 3 grandchildren.  

We will be thinking of your destinations here with Wayne and Linda leading on both Monday and Wednesday.  We'll also be hiking near our son's county park across the road in Maryland (Boyds) and our daughter's  confusing streets and alleys and historic places in Boston.

When we get back, I'll have a few hikes that you can recommend.  If you don't, I might get you up higher and overly spectacular.  Remember that Tim want's take a tough climb and has offered to carry any two of you down the mountains.

I wish to thank you trail companions for keeping me moving in a healthy manner.  Some suggest that 81 is some kind of healthy feat.  I think it is because I've had the opportunity to walk and ski without apparent mishaps and with the luxury of maintaining good health and clean living.   I should also thank my father, who quit leading family and neighbors into the Grand Canyon until he said "that's enough" in his 85th year.  Then, too, I married a home economics major who has fed me healthy meals and no poisonous substances for 60 years.  Thanks to all.  I'll see you on the trails:  Wednesday at 9:00 and later in June--same time-same place.  Keep fit and happy.


Happy New Hikers

Youngest hiker of the day, pacing with Dennis one of our leaders

Wayne found the only water

Mountain Lupine

Loooks like Wyoming Paintbrush

E side of Del Norte Peak end of Dec.

Big Broken Tree

Great site for lunch

Tree fall from wind

White Fir

A very mixed forest

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