Monday, January 19, 2015

Mush, you huskies!

Six snowshoers schushed over the snow of Deep Creek.  It was determined that 1.5 miles up the creek were enough, so we stopped for a while, enjoying the scenery, then headed back 1.5 miles.  We were seen by 4 deer on a distant ridge top; they watched us carefully. 
While six is a nice group, we welcome others to join us--no cost. 
Next Monday, unless we get a deep new layer of snow, we may have to hike on dry slopes, without snowshoes.  We have a plan for that, with a hike to get better acquainted with diverse routes here close to home.  In other words, without new snow, come in your walking boots, ready to go up and down a little, on a gentle dry-land hike, without snowshoes.  Meet at the Visitor Center in South Fork before 10 a.m. --Doug Knudson
Snowshoes barely necessary


"Porcupine" tree


This is why our route is named Deep Creek


Happy explorers


Resting rock


or enjoy the snow.

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