Tuesday, December 31, 2013

6 Mile Flats

9 snowshoers enjoyed the scenery and easy walking at 6 Mile Flats.  We stayed out of the Cross Country tracks carefully groomed by Creede folks (some of us will be there tomorrow with skis to celebrate the start of 2014).
We welcomed Tammy (Linda's engineer sister) who ignored any fears of snowy terrain and successfully adapted John's big-foot snowshoes to somewhere near her size.
As you can see, the landscape was enhanced with a crystal clear sky and framed by the looming La Garitas to the East.
Don't miss next Monday's snowshoe trek, somewhere beautiful.  Meet at the SF Visitor Center before 10 a.m. with snowshoes (maybe hiking boots), a snack, and good will.
Happy New Year to all.       Doug Knudson
9 walking easily--is this heaven?


Going Up suggestion vetoed here




Really Rockies


From the Rio Grande on up--N edge of a huge crater


How's this for a snack bar?


Tammy from Texas enjoying the scenery


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