Saturday, July 15, 2017

Myrna's Hike

Ten hikers enjoyed Myrna's hike up a long hill, down a shorter one, with lunch on a rock, then up to the highest point on the trail, then back down as a pleasant rain accompanied us gently on the last part of the trip.  It turned out that 2 had walked to Santiago in Spain  and one hopes to go soon.  Their conversation was stimulating and made our little trek seem
gentle and brief.

If you've never been to Myrna's hike, ask for it and you may enjoy it.  Myrna recommended it long ago.  She was here a week ago, but took shorter strolls.  This route takes us up a hill in all seasons--shorter in winter with snowshoes, shimmering in Fall, lovely in summer and spring time.

Hikes next week are Monday and Wednesday.  The weather may allow a Wednesday hike through timberline beauty, but we'll keep from  risking danger if necessary.

Ah! Health. Vigor, and Youth


Sandwich Rock

Dennis' lunch table

Now it's a view site


Water in one place, for a while

Spanish Plans

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