Monday, March 13, 2017

5 Hike iPhotos

Monday was breezy.  Some said chilly.  But not two kids who ran this hike--almost all the way.
The big and small and medium size birds rose in flight wherever we went.  The birds are gathering by the thousands at the Monte Vista National Wildlife Refuge.  

If you've not been there, the big event is this weekend.  You'll never see so many birds in one place in Colorado, hanging out until the weather gets sunny and almost warm.  Then they head for Yellowstone National Park and other northerly summering spots.  

Its one of the great migrations of our continent and we are close to this spectacular event--just 30 miles down the river and then turn right.  You will also see hundreds big cameras at work if you get there about sunrise.  It is worth it and it's free.  

Next Monday's hike is still in limbo due to almost unpredictible weather.  10 a.m. is starting time at the South Fork Visitor Center.

A few birds at MVNWR


Banking Left

Sandhill Crane in Colo.

Another Crane

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