Tuesday, February 21, 2017

8 snowy Photos

A beautiful, gentle snowfall only a few inches deep.
No need for snow shoes--just snowy boots.
A beautiful historic stream flowed in and out of the snow--
somewhat like that encountered by Fremont & company.
That was back in 1848 with dozens of mules and men.
This creek led them to the top of Pool Table Mountain
where we climbed one day this summer.
Today, three survivors made it to the trail's gate
and we did it at an impressive but snow gait.
We turned around and came down with bounds,
heading for homes that weren't here in '48.

The Club house, coming back

The creek followed by Fremont's explorers

Fremont never saw this mansion

But he found some water like this in Alder Creek

He found some alders, too, but no bridge

No house in the snow, but plenty of snow

No gate was there, so they pushed on.  We pushed back.

Down the hill and along the modern trail along the creek.

It was worth the walk.  We'll remember it and hope others will join us next Monday at 10 a.m.  We may need snowshoes.

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