Monday, April 11, 2016

Close-to-home hike Photos

We are blessed with beautiful scenery, high mountains, and gentle paths to get us up and down the slopes.  We live in beautiful places, with no end to the scenery.  We hike with several 80-yr.-olds who are seldom bored with the company of younger folks. 
We feel that we're fortunate to live where variety is the spice of life and mountains come down to greet those who will just have the grace to embrace them with a smile and a rhythmic stride. —Doug Knudson 

8 hikers paused to gaze.

Looking up the trail

Pat had just discovered by phone that a young local business women had succumbed this morning to a strange disease,
following a recent return from a cruise ship week in the Caribbean.  This severely affects the Gillespie families and the 
Fluck family. Of course, in a town our size, it also is a shock to everyone. May God's peace be with them all.

This sizeable niche in the rocky surroundings is lovely and soothing. Thanks to Jan for pointing it out to us.

Beautiful rim rock surrounded us

We expect to continue our Monday hikes starting at 10 a.m.  All able bodied folks are welcome to get better acquainted with our lovely natural surroundings. No cost, no dogs, no strollers, but plenty of scenery.  In mid-May or so, we'll move the start time to 9 a.m. and add a Wednesday hike as well, usually to a different destination.

Several of you have expressed interest in the peak hikes, with a June period of preparation (physically). Gently but consistently  building fitness will be the start of things, so join us (or do it on your own) to breathe deeply and to "walk without wishing you weren't".  Now is the time to start training those bodies and breathing apparatus' so you can gracefully move upward and onward.  Join us on our Monday hikes; then do some more. 

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