Monday, January 25, 2016

Snowshoeing Myrnas Trail

Doug led us up Myrna's Trail from Coller Wildlife Area up quite a ways to a lunch spot.  Thanks to the snowmobiler that went up the trail a few days ago and made a nice track for us........
On the way back from lunch a few of us struck out across the hillside so we could get to the gravesites on the level.  The snow was about 18 inches deep so it took some effort to break the trail over to the gravesites, then Jim broke us a trail down to the road.  Breaking trail down a steep hill is harder than it may sound, the shoes have a tendency to slide under the snow and trip you up if you aren't careful
About halfway back to the truck it started snowing, the flakes were so small they were hard to see..
Thanks to Doug for another enjoyable outing.

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