Monday, December 7, 2015

Up and down Tewksberry

Tewksberry Trail seems safer in the snow. However, the lung power required is about the same.
The views from the big clearing showed us lots of terrain that we haven't hiked yet.  Grouse Mountain was close, but deserves a slow tour of the top next summer.
Nine of us made for good company with several rest stops (mostly on the ascent).
We got a report of a population decrease in Kansas of Odocoileus virginianus, which has caused a departure from that state of people who will soon be hiding out on hiking trails in Colorado.
Our next hikes may require some flexibility next week (assuming that forecasters are accurate).
Read your e-mail about hikes, as to the equipment necessary.

He left themat the bottom


Coming through the fence


Grouse Mountain


snack room for some


Back exercise


Marty's crew


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