Monday, November 23, 2015

Elephant rocks hike

Nine hikers enjoyed an almost balmy November day on one of the trail/roads of the elephant rocks area near Del Norte.  We climbed partway up one of the volcanic flow rocks for lunch, saw maybe 30 antelope about 1/2 mile ahead of us.  They got the message and slowly sauntered toward the north, away from us.
Beautiful day, clear and bright.  Easy walking. 
Next walk will be on Monday at 10 a.m.  Note the time change.  If snow returns, bring your snowshoes (or X-C skis) for fun close to home.  If the snowman   stays up north as predicted by some, bring boots and we'll enjoy our beautiful weather, whatever it is.  We wish Wayne and Linda well as they help reduce the overabundance of deer in Kansas next week.
Judy and I are back from nearly 4 weeks in Recife, Brazil, and other nearby destinations with our daughter. We're rigging up a 10-minute picture show for you to see some spectacular scenery, modern buildings,   and others dating back to the 1600s,  plus nice flowers and beach scenes.  Our open-door policy lets you stop in at any time.
9 started up; all made it!


Icing on the rocks


We needed Marilyn to name this one.


Looks like we went to the animal fair!


Lower left_a few  pronghorns (antelope)--little white dots in a big gentle valley.


big rock


interesting shapes


C'mon up for lunch


Sangres 40 miles away


One of the famous chains of lava flow that some folks liken to a herd of elephants.  A non-lava mountain peeks over from the other side of the San Luis Valley.


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