Wednesday, October 7, 2015

It was one of those special days!

A day worth living. Light worth recording. A time worth hiking in our National Park at the Dunes.  Sorry we failed to attract more of you.  I think I'll be preparing for a trip to the Brazilian ocean next Wednesday. (We depart on Thursday.) So, I'll be back in mid November, hoping for snow and its big shoes.  Thanks for joining me this spring, summer and fall. 
—Doug Knudson
Sand, water, mountains of rocks, colorful vegetation. Serenity, ripples, mountains. Changing light; easy walking.


Medano Creek and colorful vegetation

Brushstrokes on the water (Medano Cr.)


Vegetation on Dunes




Pat among the colors


Life and death





Clouds to the north


Sand to the South


Pine doubles up


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