Thursday, July 2, 2015

Shaw Mesa Rim Photos

Wednesday's hike toured the outer rim of Shaw Mesa--several hours before the rain scrubbed the moonlight food and hike. We visited less than 2/3 of the rim; (in some places, the edge takes one down and then back up steep slopes.)
No Friday hike except on the street for July 3/4 celebrations.
Next Monday, we're back on the trails again.  Join us MWF for 9 a.m.  departures.  If you have a place you've been itching to see, send me a note and we'll try to work it in.
– Doug Knudson   719-873-5239
Mary Campbell on the edge of Shaw Mesa


Tall Penstemon


Photographing Nature




New perspective from Shaw Mesa


Shaw Mesa--Perilous perch


Shaw Mesa--great view


Penstemon and Wallflower


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