Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Model T Park and Kilimanjaro

Today, the hike weather looks good, based on the forecast on Channel 2.  Cloudy until 9, then clearing off.  We'll head up towards Model T Park with its lovely views and wild irises and maybe a few elk. 
Should Channel 2 be erroneous in its weather forecast, we have two interesting bail-outs that will bring us down the hill on short-cuts.
I just got a few pictures of Mt. Kilimanjaro from Stacy Stanley.  Stacy, from the Gulf Coast, and her daughter were here several weeks ago for some conditioning.  I had the privilege of helping them a little  (i.e. hillsides with steepness and making it up Baldy Cinco at moderate speed). She reported that Africa's highest peak was no piece of cake, but she made it .
(Stacy's mother lives in the South Fork area.)

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