Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Hiking among the clouds--right at timberline

The Continental Divide Trail near Elwood Pass got some new footprints from 15 hikers. The weather could be classified in many ways and ever changing (gently).
We followed elk tracks much of the way. Several hikers saw the wary cow elk disappear over the horizon.
Because it was July 8, 2015, and because we encountered a large sheet of steep, slippery snow covering the trail, we had to throw a few snowballs, and then turn back.  A summer experience for two young belles from Dallas and Waco. 
Because it was a cool summer day we also walked in a few light showers of rain.  The drive up and back was beautiful, on firm roads with careful drivers. 
We'll look for another special experience for next Wednesday.  We'll leave the South Fork Visitor Center at 9 a.m. 
Before that, you may join the Friday and Monday hikes, same time and starting point. –Doug Knudson
A shallow pond reflecting well.


Sometimes we walked on water headed to the Gulf of Mexico; a few yards later and we were on the Pacific side--to San
Juan, Colorado, and the Gulf of California.


Western Wallflowers


Addie aims at a Welch engineer named  Pryce


Avery joins in. Snowwballs on July 8!


Timberline + distant mist on Lookout Mtn.  Engelmann Spruce show results of the Dendroctonus engelmanii larvae.


Parry Clover


Mountain Parsley


Timberline trees often get crooked


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