Monday, April 6, 2015

Pup Peak

Hiking toward Pup Peak is a game of a vanishing target. You can see the little 8,855± cone from many places on the roads of the SLV. However, it's tough to spot from the gully/canyon that we used to hike toward it.
Finally, when the ascent takes us out of the little valley, it goes upward at rather surprising angles.
The views from the top are of places familiar to most of us:  Dog Mountain (nearby), the Bennett Peak complex, Del Norte Peak, the Sangre de Cristo "wall" that forms the East side of the valley, and lots of farms and communities out in the bottom of the valley.  Close in we saw a few colorful winged migrants, back from winter vacation.  Our chief face finder pointed out various stone "creatures" all along the return trail.
Welcome back to Penny.    This group discussed and decided by hand vote to start hikes at 9 a.m. as of early May
—that will be May 4. ( It was a split decision; thanks to the graciousness of those preferring an earlier start now.)
For April, we will continue to leave the visitor center at 10 a.m.
--Doug Knudson    873-5239
Ten followed this gully


The bike trail and the wall.


What creatures are these?


Target in view--just a little farther!


Energy stop before final assault


Pat says she will make it to the top!  And she did, with apparent ease!


Gathering at the top


From Pup Peak to Dog Mtn & Del Norte Pk


Pintada and Bennet Peaks from Pup Pk


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