Monday, February 23, 2015

Breathtaking Hike on Monday Feb 23 (Iwo Jima day)

We knew it was snowy when we got into the V.C. parking lot and the Chief of Police was hand-shoveling the walkways and one of the patrol cars was nearly buried in that white stuff.
We saw no other likely prospects for the venture. We missed one phone call from a prospect (sorry!).

Dennis and I proceeded to Linda Treibly's house. She had her shovel going and her car parked on the street. The three of us donned snowshoes and walked a 50-minute loop along Alder Creek, then up along golf course trails that we couldn't really see, then back to Linda's.

That was less than an hour of walking on and through knee-high fluffy stuff. For some reason we didn't take another loop in a southerly direction.

Now that we three are partially conditioned, two are headed out of town. I'll be here next Monday for what could be our deepest snow-shoe hike of the year. See more of you at 10 a.m.
at the Visitor Center.

Linda took a couple of photos somewhere between the tiny snow flakes. We'll send them to you, if possible.
--Doug Knudson

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