Monday, February 16, 2015

Beautiful cool day, a few flakes, a good hike with nine nice people walking along the Rio Grande

Perhaps you'll notice the lack of pictures. The process of transfer had some slip-up that, seems to prohibit recovery of the images. Maybe some of the other photographers who were clicking away and can send some.

We hiked much of Coller State Wildlife area with 9 strong pedestrians. It's a "flat" hike, always with a cooling breeze (on the way back). We got to play in a few sheets of snow lingering in the shadows.

John Treibly tested various alternative ground covers and is qualified to inform us which is best: gravel road, railroad track, loose pebbles and rocks, moist top-soil, downed trees, crusty snow, twiggy shrubs and sticks. In his profession, he understands the importance of proper ground cover and someday, you may get a chance to hear him present analytical data in this regard. He also demonstrated the advantages of sitting on large cottonwood logs during lunch-time while others chose grassy but damp seats.

Join us next Monday for another hike or snowshoe trip. The weather will determine the type of equipment to bring. It's really about time for winter, isn't it?

--Doug Knudson

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