Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Aha! 6 late Photos

These handsome folks got buried somewhere in my computer yesterday.  I pushed a strange button, and there they stood, full of smiles, and admiring the scenery of our hike on Coller State Wildlife area.
Behind these folks--Rio Grande flowing under ice with the splendid palisades behind it. 
Unusual picture:  7 men and two hard-hiking women #6 is hiding in her yellow coat.


Up a bit from the river.


Looking down-stream--Del Norte Peak on left, part of Beaver Mountain on the right (the burned hill from 2002)


Limber pines


Limber cones and 5-needle cluster on left; rounder cone with 3 needles is Ponderosa Pine


Bringing Del Norte Peak a bit closer.  It won't be many months until we'll be standing on top of it.


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