Monday, December 1, 2014

Dec. 1 Hike

Ten hikers took the familiar trail to the Lost Lake area, had a scenic lunch, and then kept going South-West-North on animal trails, ridges and valleys.  A red truck awaited 4 drivers to complete the loop back to the starting place.  It's rather hard to believe that we're trekking on snow maybe 2 inches deep and about half the time on bare ground.
No snowshoes needed


Douglas-fir root–ancient, serpentine, on-the-rocks of the lookout where we ate lunch.


Neighboring stump


Pat's hobbit gate--two other ancient Douglas-firs.


Can you find Lost Lake's home ground?  As dry as any of us have seen it. Not every tree has been "bugged". Spruce submitted;
healthy Douglas-fir, aspen, bristlecone pine (left foreground), limber pine, two species of fir frame Del Norte Peak.


We followed animal trails down the West side of the cliffs that arise W of the "lake."


Trail blazers


Aha--our ride awaits.


At the present time, our plan is to have a hike or snowshoeing regularly on Mondays, meeting before 10 a.m. at the

South Fork Visitor Center. 
We may add other hikes during Christmas break, as we have requests by visiting hikers.
Check with the Visitor Center 719-873-5512 or Doug Knudson 719-873-5239.

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