Monday, November 10, 2014

West Alder Creek

Eleven hikers set out on a sunny, breezy, cool  Monday in November.  We walked up lively West Alder Creek, the canyon John C. Fremont ascended in December 1848 (according to all but one historian). We had no mules to pull, no wish to get to the top of Pool Table Mountain, nor to find railroad routes.  So, we walked a couple of miles, had a candy bar, and turned around.  It was a lovely day, cool enough and breezy enough to make it sprightly.  
We expect cooler weather in Colorado, but maybe not in South Fork.  Wednesday's hike (9 a.m.) will be a short one with orange (hunting starts again).  We'll walk through a rural area with a few homes and wonderful views, hopefully ending up at the Rio Grande. --Doug Knudson
The intrepid troops


Up a hill to the gentle trail


Alder Creek and a little beaver pond


Three shapes of trees--spiral, leaning, and pretty erect.


Looking back upon Del Norte Peak


The meandering creek


Into the "mouth" of the narrow canyon


Drapery of ice


Ice teeth


The texture of a large cottonwood


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