Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Farmer's Creek Hike

We were an even dozen who trod along the lovely Farmers' Creek Trail, near Creede.  It was a crisp, clear day. Numerous jets left attractive vapor trails across the blue sky. Black cows and a few muscular bulls walked the shores of the Rio Grande, across from our trail.  We paused for lunch at 9,200' elevation, sitting on dry ground, surrounded by light snow cover in the shade.  Plenty of bristlecone pines beautified our passage.  Our machine experts claimed a round trip of 4.8 miles--each of them pleasant. Thanks to the hikers who cheerfully followed this narrow trail and said they hope to come back.       
Next week:  Monday at 9 a.m. (maybe snowshoeing if we get more snow: otherwise hiking boots will do).  Wednesday at 9 a.m. (same thing, different place).  If forecasts are correct, we may have no new snow for the next week. We plan to switch to Mondays only and 10 a.m. start time after Thanksgiving. --Doug Knudson 873-5239
11.5 of the 12 appear here


Rio Grande from the trail


The Sparkling Rio Grande from a little farther from the trail.


Once in a while we got separated by a few yards.


Ozzie found his way to the lunch stop


One of the formations above our trail


Things are calm and pleasant for the cattle lying in the snowy grass--it's amazing how much these animals bear the cold of winter.


Back to the cars, still with enthusiasm!


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