Monday, November 3, 2014

Cool hike featuring orange

Here's the big picture.  A group of 7 wearing orange or yellow-green celebrated a new hunting session by walking on the southern edge of our fair community.  A little bit of ice on the road soon yielded to the sunshine.  We welcomed David back from Spain and Barbara back from the flatlands where snow isn't a regular event.  Thanks to all for your lively companionship on this pleasant stroll.
Remember to vote tomorrow (Tuesday). Remember that Dennis has gone to Kansas for most of the winter--no hikes on Thursday. 
When snow returns, you will want your snowshoes for Monday hikes--tune them up!
Remember Wednesday for the next hike (not Tuesday).  We'll leave for a drive across the big valley at 9 a.m. (from the Visitor Center).  We'll stop at the Great Sand Dunes National Park's visitor center.  Then, we'll probably hike up the three miles to Mosca Pass, have a lunch (bring your own) and go back down.  That's the plan and it appears that the weather will be a little warmer than in South Fork.  If ice prevails, we'll take a lower path and explore elsewhere. 
Judy plans going with us and seems to have some alternative hikes in mind, on more level ground.
The weather forecast predicts that we'll have a fine sunny day in the 50s.  Hunting is prohibited in the National Park.
See you Wednesday     --Doug Knudson
November has begun!


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