Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Agua Ramon

Six smart people took advantage of a nice hike from the village church of Agua Ramón up to the "Easter Cross" where South Fork church members traditionally greet Easter morning sunrises.   It was a beautiful, somewhat blustery day. All around us, we watched storm clouds of the statewide arrival of winter ice and snow, while we enjoyed sunshine and relative warm (40 degrees). 
The smooth hiking on a nice road enticed Judy to join us after a long absence.
We'll continue to hike until snowshoeing is required.  Mondays and Wednesdays, leaving at 9 a.m. from the Visitor Center.  When hunting seasons are open, we'll focus on safe places.  When there are in rest days, we'll aim for more forested public areas.
--Doug Knudson   873-5239
Note:  If you know Dr. Paul Williams, you might give him a "thanks" for his part of a Veterans Day program about the 10th Mountain Division (US Army).  On Tuesday, he was featured at Adams State University as a member of that military group. After the showing of an excellent film about the Division's ski training (in Colorado) and the group's  decisive role in ending WWII, Paul mounted the stage to cheers and applause.  He answered questions from the 300+ attendees and told several stories of his experiences as a young warrior in Italy. 
Part of the Agua Ramón Mountain complex


plumed seeds of Mountain-mahogany--long considered as the best firewood of the area.


Pinyon pine and the ancient cross--a place for Easter Worship


Well-dressed hiker obviously not to be lined up in the gun-sights


Cross and beautiful clouds


Descending from the heights

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